Flexible Pricing

For a company looking for talent

What's HOT
  • Unlock referenced job searching ex-employee contacts @R65/contact once-off (just a cup of coffee)
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R0/ yearly
  • Unlimited access to all shared employees
  • Unlimited sending of contract offers
  • Chat & email support
  • 4% processing fee for payments

For a company listing their employees (billed per employee)

What's HOT
  • Build your Ex-employee Network and reference them for next opportunities for 100% FREE
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Great value
Listing a Current Employee
R49/ month (billed yearly)
R199/ month
(75% discount)
  • You could get contracts up to R100 000 per listed employee
  • FREE company admin account
  • In-built invoicing
  • In-built chat
  • Centralized offer approval portal
  • 10% charged on every successful contract value
  • Cancel Anytime
  • Founder's Guarantee: No offer in the 1st year of subscription. The following year is Free subscription

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