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    As seen with:

  • Launchlab
  • GoMetro
  • CellC

Share team & Get on/offsite projects

Gig Projects

"We can do anything" projects between

R65 000

Entry Projects

Entry & not quick projects
up to

R250 000

Average Projects

Complex projects
up to


Advanced Projects

Advanced or long term projects over


Meet Teambix

A team sharing platform, helping you share "lend" your professional staff team with other companies for extra revenues.

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How it works

Upload & Browse

Upload your team profile and access available projects

Compare & Bid

Compare projects, budget, requirements, ratings and bid for your best project.

Do work & Get paid

View project funds in Teambix wallet & get paid for project milestone done.

For who

Project Owner
Individual or Company
    That wants:
  • To quickly test ideas
  • Shared talented teams
  • To run projects with low budget
  • Innovative collaborations
Shared Team
Startup or Enterprise
    That is:
  • Looking for extra revenues
  • Innovative & talented
  • Overstaffed or underuterlised
  • Collaborating for growth