Our on-demand team sharing platform allows sharing or assembling temporary teams, helping you accomplish your goals cheaper & quicker with no workforce ownership worries.

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Assemble a team for your task

Data collectors,
Sales person,
Admin & Support
Data capturers,
Social Media coordinator,
Desk operator ...etc
Tech & Specialising
App/Web developers,
Market Analyst...etc

Appoint an established startup team

XYZ Incorporated
5 members
Established: 2016
Industry: Engineering
Projects turn-over: R500k
Project average rating: 7/10

Very easy and convinient

Appoint, communicate and manage
reports on the same dashboard
choose dashboard

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Our journey with you

capturing early users' details
web launch to early users
web launch to the world
app launch to the world


We are available to be assessed for your task

Ok that’s perfect! Teambix has an automated process to do that for me

We are also willing to work for the time you need us & be paid on production

That’s perfect for me cause I can cut down my fixed costs and still get the work done

We also make extra cash on other tasks when not on duty

It's a win-win, because you gain more experience that we can tap into

Did you know that our team has an exposure on digitization & productivity materials?

Oh wow, so we get to diversify our portfolio

I would like to have a team that can contribute in this digital world

yheeep!!! That's why you want to be part of this new thing

Wait!!! what if I want to work with you again in the next 6 months?

We will always be on standby for your tasks, you can get us on your history….

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