Frequently Asked Questions

Teambix is a business to business sharing economy platform that allows companies to generate extra revenue by temporarily loaning their staff to other companies.
Teambix is a business to business platform, we do not serve individuals and freelancers yet. To use Teambix you must be a registered organization, with a business name and upon registration verification documents will be required.
Through our Employee Sharing Portal, we create a sharing ecosystem between businesses. The talent you access from the portal remain employees of the parent company and are not available for recruitment. You are simply sub-contracting another company to provide you their specialist for the contract period.

However through our Alumni Portal, we create an enviroment that allows companies to invite ex-employees to be listed on their company profile, where this ex-employess will indicate whether they are independent and available for direct recruitment.
Teambix is an easy self-onboarding platform. Through our website you can sign up either as a company listing thier employees or company looking for temporary employees
The relationship is between the companies, the parent company outsourcing their employees sends an invoice to the company sourcing the talent and gets an inclusive payment for the service rendered.
Some tasks will be onsite and some virtual.

Tasks will differ based on each company in need, however you will you be matched with tasks that match your workforce flexibility and skills.
Teambix does not interfere with your contracting process and procedure, you will be directly contracted with the company you will be sharing the workforce with.

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