Sponsor with hours

The Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises (SMMEs) are the once that are hit the most by this stressed economy. Some just require hands-on encounters with experinced experts to survive.

Teambix provides a tool that allows companies to make some of their employee working hours freely available for booking by SMMEs that are in need of temporary experienced team.

E.g. Your employee can dedicate 2hrs to any approved SMME for every 3 months.

How it works

1. Setup your company profile
2. Send bulk invites to your current employees
3. Schedule each employee's available hours that can be booked by SMMEs
4. Filter SMME booking requests
5. Approve SMME matching requests
6. Track the hours and view reports uploaded by the employee after working with an SMME

Looking to sponsor hours? email us at remmone@teambix.com for a customized solution

Do you need sponsored hours?

Are you an SMME and can do with a bit of sponsored hours from experienced employees from other companies?

Then Teambix tool is for you, book free sponsored employee hours from other companies and get your company growing on flexible & experienced workforce until you can afford experts.

Email us the skills you need at remmone@teambix.com to access sponsored hours


For your organization

1. For SMME, access best and diverse sponsored talent from startups and big corporates for FREE.

2. For big enterprises, energize your employees with different challanges while giving back to the SMME community.

For your employees

1. Access career and personal development through new task challanges.