Meet the Team

Remmone Modisakeng
Founder & CEO

Joy Makgatholela
User Experience Officer

Jerry Boy
Senior Software Engineer

The Story

The Teambix concept was born in 2019 during a tough time for the team. While the now Teambix team was in persuit of a previous business venture, they ran out of money like many startups do and could not afford even their basic needs. However Remmone thought of a solution to temporarily outsource their team to a nearby company to be able to make extra income and survive.

To his surprise, the plan turned out to be a success, a nearby company believed in the team's skills and handed over a project to them which returned over R1.5 Million in revenues to keep the team going. Remmone seeing the success of such a relationship and thinking about many companies who close shop due to lack of funds and many other companies who are looking for temporary skills, he pivoted his business to try help and sustain dying and also growing companies through sharing of employees.

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